An Exciting Spring for Paid Leave!

This spring witnessed an important string of victories for paid family leave across the country! As we continue to move forward here in Connecticut, exciting progress has also been made in San Francisco, New York State, and the town of Newburgh Heights, Ohio.


Stories from Connecticut Voters: Joanne

Paid family leave would make a huge difference to my family. In my family’s case, it is especially important because our daughter has arthrogryposis and is confined to a wheelchair. My husband occasionally needs to take off time from work if we have a dentist’s appointment, doctor’s appointment or even a hair appointment since he…


Stories from Connecticut Voters: Janette

My husband is a Gulf War Veteran, on March 3, 2015 my husband started with symptoms of Gulf War Multi-Symptom Undiagnosed. I had to leave my job on March 3rd to provide him with transportation to the West Haven VA for treatment and testing (3-5 times a week). I also became my husband’s full-time caregiver.…


Stories from Connecticut Voters: Jane

In the summer of 2012, my husband and I found out we were pregnant with triplets. During the course of my pregnancy I had to take a significant amount of time off from work due to various medical appointments. My husband and I are both employed full-time and the appointments took much of the designated…


Stories from Connecticut Voters: Holly

I work as a trainer at a local gym. I suffer from autoimmune arthritis and a chronic condition has caused degenerative disk disease that can be remedied only by surgery. Like so many other Connecticut residents, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. I can’t afford to take any unpaid time off, so a…


Jessica Shortall: Paid Family Leave is Good for Business

Nationally-recognized speaker Jessica Shortall sat before a group of about fifty Connecticut residents gathered for an event entitled “Work. Worry. Repeat: Life Without Paid Leave” and told them that paid family and medical leave is good for businesses. Good for businesses. And Ms. Shortall, of all people, would know.