Work doesn’t work for too many Americans.

In this short play, two characters bring us multiple Voices from the Frontlines, sharing the realities of work for millions of women – and men – in the U.S. today. Some of the short sketches will make you laugh and others will bring tears to your eyes. Many will leave you nodding in recognition.

Far too many people are being forced to make choices that don’t make sense:  going to work sick, going to work too soon after having a baby, losing income – and sometimes a job – for being a good parent or following doctor’s orders, and so much more.

Please watch and share this video – and share your own story.

The voices point to the importance of many steps this administration has taken for working families, such as the President’s executive orders prohibiting salary secrecy at federal contractors, actions taken by DOL to strengthen protections for home care workers and to expand access to FMLA for same-sex couples, the State Paid Leave Fund in the President’s budget and his calls for paid sick days and paid family leave.

Above all, they affirm the work being done by our member coalitions, creating vehicles where “people like us, acting together” can bring about the changes we need.

Article via Family Values at Work