On March 19, 2015, my dreams came true when I gave birth via c-section, to my twins, Ian and Ava. By day 3 in the hospital, something happened and Ian was rushed to Yale’s Nicu. It began my worst nightmare.

After almost 2 weeks, Ian was sent home with hospice, and he passed on Easter at 2.5 weeks old. I buried my son, nursed my daughter, and shed a lot of tears. I returned to work at 8 weeks post-delivery, completely unready to return, feeling ripped away from my surviving baby, but terrified I would lose my job if I did not.

I was lucky enough to receive some disability payments which kept me afloat during that difficult time. But it certainly was not an easy time and my leave was far too short. I know my story isn’t necessarily the norm but there is no leeway in Connecticut’s current laws which allow for difficult situations such I was in. I would hope that no other mother would face what I have, and that the state of Connecticut could make it easier for families to heal and bond in the period after the birth and or loss of an infant by passing paid family and medical leave.

Margaret Albert, New Milford