My husband is a Gulf War Veteran, on March 3, 2015 my husband started with symptoms of Gulf War Multi-Symptom Undiagnosed. I had to leave my job on March 3rd to provide him with transportation to the West Haven VA for treatment and testing (3-5 times a week). I also became my husband’s full-time caregiver.

My employer is a small non-profit with 7-10 employees. I found out when I turned in my FMLA forms that they do not offer it. I was lucky enough that our director offered me my sick time and vacation time to use up in hopes it would allow me to return. Unfortunately my husband’s health had declined.

Now that his medical appointments are not as often I reached out to my employer in hopes of working from home. Unfortunately my position had been filled before my FMLA would have been used up. Extending paid FMLA to all employers would greatly help. It is less stress a person would have to deal with on top of what caused them to take FMLA.

My previous jobs offered FMLA, when I took this job I never thought to ask. When my husband became ill I turned in the FMLA forms to be told that they don’t offer it I became worried about our finances and what I would do for work when I could return to work. I was lucky enough to be offered a work from home position by a new employer that understands what we are going through with my husband’s illness and that I need a flexible schedule. Otherwise I would still be unemployed since a lot of employers are not that understanding to the flexible schedule I need to provide my husband with the care he needs.

Janette Cameron, CT