No worker should be forced to choose between the family they love or their own health and the job they need. Paid family and medical leave will ensure that workers who need to take time off to welcome a new baby, care for an ill loved one or recover from a personal illness are not punished financially.

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The Campaign recommends a program that is:

AFFORDABLE for Connecticut workers and businesses. We recommend a system publicly administered through the CT Department of Labor and funded by small employee deductions of 0.5% of weekly earnings. Workers would receive 100% of their weekly earnings, up to a cap of $1,000.

ACCESSIBLE for all Connecticut workers who need to take all kinds of leave (medical, parental and caregiving) in all kinds of families. The Campaign recommends legislation that expands the definition of family to include siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and chosen family members.

ADEQUATE and provides enough time for family care or healing. We recommend a program that offers a minimum of 12 weeks of leave.

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