“I just had my beautiful baby girl Emilia N. Sanchez on June 01st, 2018. She came into this world via c-section and I am already back at work July 2, 2018 and attempting to breast feed. I am emotionally torn. At work people are constantly asking me why are you back so early? Who is taking care of your daughter she’s only 4 weeks old? This brings feelings of regret, abandonment, guilt and other frustrations. I felt as if had no choice, no option, no other way of having more time with my baby girl. Why? One, because I am a temporary contractor and although I have been working at the same job for 4 years I do not have benefits that allow me the amount of paid time off to stay with my daughter. It is difficult not to be with my daughter especially when she is so young and both of us would benefit having more time but, bills do not pay themselves. FMLA right now would allow me to spend the time with her but at the cost of my job. If I had access to paid leave I would be less stressed about the impacts of not being with my baby at what might be considered the most important moments of her life. I wouldn’t feel as if I am being forced to chose between family and work. I feel I would be more focused on my responsibilities at work rather than feeling guilty or depressed about not having more time or feeling as if failed my family. I hope that in the future CT develops a plan to help people like me. People who have no choice and suffer for it. No one should be forced to choose between the family they love, their own well being and the job.”

Bianca, East Hartford CT