One quick and easy way to make your voice heard and support paid family and medical leave here in Connecticut is to contact your state Senator or Representative.

Unsure who represents you? Follow these quick steps:

  1. Visit the Connecticut General Assembly’s website,
  2. Scroll to the middle of the page to the “Find Your Legislator” box.
  3. Insert your town, street name and number and click Find to bring you to your district’s elected officials.
  4. Click on your Representative or Senator’s NAME to bring you to their website. Click on their TITLE to open an automatic email message to their address.
  5. To call your Representative or Senator, visit their website. Contact information is typically listed in the upper right hand corner or under “contact.”

A few tips for calling your elected official:

  1. Identify yourself by name and the town you’re calling from.
  2. Explain your reason for calling (that you support paid leave).
  3. Follow the Campaign’s 2019 Talking Points or briefly share your own story.
  4. Ask your legislator (or the legislative aide who will likely answer the phone) his/her position on paid leave.
  5. Request a written response to your phone call or a phone call back if you did not speak to your legislative member.
  6. If the legislator requires further information, be sure provide it as soon as possible.
  7. Thank the person who took the phone call for their time and consideration.

Sample script for a call or an email:

Hello Representative/Senator ____,

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I strongly support paid family and medical leave. Too many workers in our state risk their financial security when they need to recover from an illness, or care for the family they love. As a regular voter in this state, I strongly support paid family and medical leave.

[IF YOU HAVE A PERSONAL STORY, BRIEFLY STATE IT HERE – especially focus on the need for a program that is accessible to and inclusive of ALL workers, no matter where they work, what they earn, or who they care for!]

Please do your part in making paid leave a reality this session by supporting real, accessible paid family and medical leave. Thank you.