“As a mom to 3 year old, I was truly surprised during my pregnancy at the lack of support for new moms and families in our normally progressive state. Even as a middle class, two income family, with jobs at fabulous employers we still had to decide on leaving our child in daycare at just weeks old or going unpaid. I was “lucky” to get 6 weeks of STD at 80%. We are failing families. To have to choose between a paycheck and bonding with your child is torture. We also forget that many women do not recover, physically or emotionally if forced to return early. I struggled with a difficult delivery, complications, and postpartum depression. I NEEDED that time at home; my life depended on it. I was lucky enough to be able to take it and my heart breaks for those that cannot. We go out there telling women the importance of nursing and bonding for healthier babies- but then don’t support that. We ignore their mental health. Do you know how hard it is to pump in a bathroom somewhere to make sure a child gets breastmilk? If time with mom equals healthier moms and babies, wouldn’t medical costs go down for both? Isn’t the investment in our children worth it? Childcare is outrageously expensive too- let babies be with their families during those crucial stages of early development. Let’s get ahead like so many other states (and countries) have done!! Statistics show that it pays off!”

Sarah, West Hartford