“Last year I suffered an ACL tear during a weekend softball game. Suddenly I was facing a painful surgery and several weeks of recovery and rehabilitation. Additionally I was burdened with extreme discomfort and a lack of mobility for months following my surgery, making it very difficult to sit at a desk…” Read the rest of John’s story here.

“Paid is important to me as the daughter of aging parents. As an individual with medical issues and as a parent with grandchildren.” Althea, Hartford CT

“Paid leave is important right now to me because I have doctors appointments and I need medical leave. The doctors offices are not open after regular 9-5 hours.” Timero, Hartford CT

“I have not personally been impacted by lack of family or medical leave – yet. You see, as a single mom, I have not had a medical checkup in nearly 20 years. I can’t afford to know. I have a job. I have health insurance that is decent enough that IF I had paid leave should I have a serious illness, we could…” Read the rest of Susan’s story here.

“I work for Planned Parenthood and they have been very supportive of my need for family medical leave. With my second pregnancy I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. I was on bed rest for about 11 weeks while pregnant. My job was maintained and I was still able to take maternity leave after my daughter was born. I lost about 25 lbs during my pregnancy and a growth was found on my liver. I don’t know what would have happened if I had to work through this crisis.” Erin Livensparger, Portland, CT

“So many people are living one pay check away from disaster. We need to keep gender pay equal. This is a basic human right.” Sharon, Fairfield CT