Spring 2018:

The Open Secret of Anti-Mom Bias at Work (The New York Times)

More Women Working Makes Nordic Countries Richer and Happier (BusinessDay)

Paid Leave is a Competitive Advantage for Small Businesses (ForbesWoman)

Maternal Deaths are Rising in America. Best Mother’s Day Gift, Reverse that Trend. (USA Today)

The Overlooked Benefit Gen X Workers Need (Fast Company)

The US is Stingier with Childcare and Maternity Leave than the Rest of the World (The Conversation)

Support for Working Moms is Stronger Than Ever-Except When it Comes to Parental Leave and other Concrete Policies (Vox)

Why America’s Black Mothers and Babies are in a Life-or-Death Crisis (The New York Times)

Our Lack of Paid Leave is a Public Health Crisis (Slate)

No One Faces Higher Barriers to Paid Leave than LGBTQ Workers of Color (Rewire.News)

Men Should Take Parental Leave- Here’s Why (Forbes)

The National Fight For Paid Family Leave has Moved to Statehouses (Slate)

The world’s richest countries guarantee morthers more than a year of paid maternity leave. The U.S. guarantees them nothing (The Washington Post)

The Way We Work Is Killing Us (Slate)

Make Paid Family Leave a Priority (The New York Times)

Make Room For Baby: After Giving Birth, Duckworth Presses Senate to Bend Rules (NPR)

When Is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day 2018? It’ll Take Even Longer To Make As Much As White Men (Bustle)

If You’re Queer and Not Angry About the State of Paid Family Leave in This Country, You Should Be (Lambda Legal)

These Americans moved to the ‘most progressive’ country for new dads (NBC News)

How to provide paid leave at an affordable cost: the social insurance model (AEI)

The Future of Child Care: How to Create a Fairer, More Equitable System for Working Women and Women of Color (The Root)

Queen Latifah Says Being Her Mom’s Caregiver Highlights Why ‘Family Is the Most Important Thing’ (People)

I didn’t understand male privilege until I became a stay-at-home dad (The Washington Post)

The Real War on Families: Why The U.S. Needs Paid Leave Now (In These Times)

Toys “R” Us Is Closing Because We Make It Too Hard To Have Babies (Romper)

Serena Williams’s next challenger: Outdated rules against maternity leave (The Lily)

Zero Weeks,So Many Years Later: Film Explores Family Leave Policies in the U.S. (Rebellious)

Millennials Struggling to Care for Aging Baby Boomer Parents Call for Better Paid Leave (Time)

Winter 2018:

No, Millennial Women Are Not ‘Failing’ At Fertility (Huffington Post)

Working for Free Is Pretty Funny, Right? (Slate)

‘We’re in the 19th century’: Tammy Duckworth on motherhood and the Senate (The Guardian)

New parental leave is a test for fathers (Daily News)

‘Chosen families’ gain legal recognition in sick-leave laws (AP News)

The Future of Work? Paid Leave for All (Medium)

A New Study Shows How other Countries Are Making Paid Leave Work (Slate)

These 4 States Already Have Paid Family Leave(The Motley Fool)

Why America Needs a Paid Family Leave Act for All (Time)

‘Zero Weeks’ film screening sparks discussion on paid family leave at Penn State (Daily Collegian)

Trump’s family leave plan is far too weak-but there is a better idea (The Guardian)

I’m A Caregiver-& Any Paid Family Leave Plan Should Include Us (Refinery29)

Why Don’t We Just Do Paid Family Leave the Right Way? (The New York Times)

Why Paid Sick Days and Paid Leave Are Crucial For Black Workers (Medium)

3 Employees Who Pushed For Paid Leave At Work- & What Happened (Refinery29)

Twenty-Five Years After the Passage of Family and Medical Leave Act, Better Policies Are on the Horizon (Slate)

America must build a caregiving structure to help our families (The Hill)

The country is more than ready for national paid leave, but the details matter (The Hill)

HRC Releases First-Of-Its-Kind Survey of LGBTQ Community on Need for Paid Family and Medical Leave (HRC)

If a senator can give birth, Congress can get serious on paid family leave (CNN)

California men are jumping at the chance to take paid family leave (The Sacramento Bee)

25 Years after FMLA: Research Finds that Paid Leave is a Great Investment (FemChat-IWPR)

Fired for being pregnant: Another kind of discrimination women face at work (CNN)

From family leave to inclusive paid leave- the importance of the disability lens (The Hill)

5 Company Benefits That Attract Great Talent( CBS Boston)

What Maternity Leave Looks Like When You’re a Sitting Senator (Glamour)

Why Family Leave is Finally Gaining Steam. (Dame Magazine)

Stop Blaming Black Women for the Black Maternal Health Crisis and Start Blaming American Workplaces. (Slate)

Why Don’t Norwegians Immigrate to the U.S.? (Slate)

Fall 2017:

Wealth, not just wages, is the way to measure women’s equality (LA Times)

Harvard researchers say this is the ideal parental leave policy (Motherly)

Chosen Family Should Be Included in Paid Leave Policy. We Already Know It Could Work. (Slate)

Spring/Summer 2017:

Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Communities Need Paid Leave Now! (Huffington Post)

Paid Family Leave Policies A Key Component Of Gender Equity At Work (WNPR)

Washington: Paid family leave law a victory of bipartisanship (Herald Net)

The Hidden Male Caregiver (AARP)

Black Women in America Really Do Work Harder for Less (Slate)

Winter 2017:

Historic SF parental leave law kicks in (San Francisco Chronicle)

Paid Sick Days and Paid Family and Medical Leave Are Not Job Killers (Center for American Progress)

Fall/Winter 2016:

Most Americans Support Paid Leave for Workers, Poll Finds (Wall Street Journal)

Congressional leaders should reject Trump’s maternity leave scheme (The Hill)

Working at a Top Company Is No Guarantee That You Will Get Paid Family Leave (Slate)

Stretched: Working Parents’ Juggling Act (an ongoing series from NPR)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both support paid family leave. That’s a breakthrough. (Washington Post)

Why We All Need Family Leave (Goop)

A Labor Movement That’s More About Women (The Atlantic)

Summer 2016:

Behind the Polls: Why Voters Want Time to Care (Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity)

Family Leave Needs to Be Bigger, Broader, and Gayer (Huffington Post)

How the Fight for Paid Leave Has Quietly Become One of the Most Successful Movements of Our Time (Slate)

The “parenting happiness gap” is real, new research confirms (Quartz)

The Brutal Truth About Being a Pregnant Worker in 2016: It’s Pretty Awful (Fortune)

Embracing A More Realistic And Inclusive Definition Of Family (Huffington Post)

How Paid Leave Benefits Everyone (Fast Company)

A modern paid family leave policy needs these three things (Washington Post)

Spring 2016:

30 Issues: Paid Family Leave Around the World (WNYC)

Who Gets Paid Leave Benefits, and Why (Wall Street Journal)

10 U.S. Companies with Radically Awesome Parental Leave Policies (Entrepreneur)

How to Build a Society with Equally Involved Parents (The Atlantic)

As NY and SF Pass Paid Family Leave, These 20 States Could Be Next (Forbes)

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